A Great Resource for our Teachers, Classrooms and Students

I’m hearing quite a bit about Grants and DonorsChoose. What is DonorsChoose and how does this help Bolton Academy?

Donors Choose is an organization that helps to provide resources and funds for public schools in need. The goal is to fund public school teachers (approved by a letter) to obtain supplies for their classrooms that may not either be available or may be delayed for funding long after the current classes have moved on to the next level – or school.  From the site: “Public school teachers post classroom project requests which range from pencils for poetry to microscopes for mitochondria.” It can help EVERY teacher at our school.  The requests can only be made by our teachers: the process is to write a request in order to post the needed items and request the funding. The grant can be funded by major corporations, but it can just as easily be funded by family, friends, loved ones, community members, businesses and anonymous donors.

Within the first week of the posted grant, those that donate have a dollar for dollar match by using a matching code from your teacher (these change based on new donors, sponsors and other participants). With your help getting the word out, we can provide what our teachers and students, when they need it. The requests and funding needs that the teachers that are creating in these donation requests are not only helping their current students but also providing the tools for future Bolton Academy students to enjoy as well. 

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