Make Your Opinion Known on our APS Model: Please participate in the Cluster Survey - Last Day to Complete is This Friday (10/17/2014)

Please make sure you complete this survey yourself as well as pass along the information to your schools. This is the survey that Nancy Meister referenced in our last NAPPS Community meeting. You can also find a link on the NAPPS Facebook page and on the NAPPS website at
Building Stronger Clusters: One Idea at a Time
Atlanta Public Schools is beginning the planning process to define the future direction for each school cluster within the district. Our goal is to build stronger schools and clusters to ensure high quality academics and focused programming across the district.
The planning process will include targeted and prioritized action steps needed to implement each cluster plan. The cluster plan will guide the academic direction for students within each cluster. The cluster plans will inform the FY16 Budget and, to the extent possible, the School System Operating Models and Flexibility Options.

We are asking community members, parents and APS employees to take the survey below and share your opinion about the approaches that should be included in the cluster plan for our school communities. The survey closes Friday, October 17. 2014.
Take the APS School Cluster Plan Survey: