Welcome to our whirlwind wind down of October: Thursday (10/30) and Friday (10/31) Events!

With everything happening all at once, we wanted to make sure you had the events of Thursday and Friday all mapped out:

Thursday, October 30

- Red Ribbon Week (details posted on Bolton Academy FaceBook page!)

- School Dance for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second Grades (1-2 pm)

 - Science Fair

Friday, October 31

- AR Dress Up Day (rules posted on Bolton Academy FaceBook page!)

- Red Ribbon Week - Wear Orange or Red if you are not dressing up for AR Dress Up Day

- School Dance for Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades (1-2 pm)

- 4th Grade Field Trip (must wear Bolton Academy shirts)

A fun and packed two days for all of our kids and all of us. Have a safe and fun week!