Are You Ready to Take a Walk in Our Shoes?

Volunteers are needed to prepare for Bolton Academy's Annual Night of the Arts Program. You can volunteer by completing tasks at home or at the school. The tasks are outlined as follows:

  *  During the week of January 5th, 2015, you can contact Mrs.Thrasher/Mrs. Walls to arrange for pick up of supplies and artworks for matting or labeling at home. 
  *  If you are able to volunteer during the day, assistance is needed with distributing supplies and supporting Mrs. Walls' instruction, particularly for grades K-2. The classes are scheduled once per week. Grade K: Mon. & Wed. @ 12:50-1:30 pm, Thur. @ 8:15-10:15 am; Grade 1: Wed. @ 8:50-9:30 am, Thurs. @ 10:50-11:30 am, & Fri. @ 12:15-2:15 pm; Grade 2: Mon. @ 12:15-1212:55 pm, Wed. @ 8:15-8:55 am & Thurs. @ 12:15-2:15 pm.
  *  You can also volunteer to work on a specific task during school hours, or after school. Mrs. Walls will be available during school hours, and until 6:00 pm daily. During the week of Jan. 5th you may volunteer time to cut mat board of specified sizes, label artworks, apply gloss coatings, or adhere artworks to mat board.
  *  By mid January, you can volunteer for additional tasks such as mounting visual posters for signage, and assisting students in the area of technology that supports their studio projects.
  *  Lastly, you can also support the Visual Arts program by donating items such as used leather shoes in children and adult sizes, newspaper, and small plastic containers (ex. yogurt).

Your support is greatly appreciated to ensure a successful Night of the Arts Program.