Students Draw the Line Silent Auction

It’s been a while coming, but the Silent Auction for Embracing Differences Students Draw the Line Against Prejudice is now live!  Use the links below to sign up or sign into 24Fundraiser.  Once you sign up or sign in you’ll be able to bid on your favorite picture(s). The bidding for each student art item starts at $25 and increments in $10 amounts over the previous bid. There are a few other items from partners supporting our cause with different starting bids. Our goal for donations and the silent auction is to raise $8,000. Remember that the students get to keep 40% of the proceeds and the remainder is retained by Embracing Differences to support future art exhibits and contests like the 2014 event.  Please share the link to the auction with your friends and networks on social media.

Instructions for bidding

Event Homepage:

1.   Click here

2.   You will be directed to the 24Fundraiser page for
      Embracing Differences that displays the items
      (artwork and other items) that are eligible for
      bidding. If you do not have a 24Fundraiser account,
      the system will ask you to sign up to bid (free). If
      you do have an account, you will be asked to sign

3.   Select the items that you would like to bid on; all
      items start at $25 with $10 increments. The
      auction will be live through noon on 12/17. 
      Whenever you have been “outbid”, you will receive
      a notification via email up to and until the auction

4.   Once the auction has closed, the highest bidder
      will be notified to arrange pick-up or delivery. 
      If being delivered, those charges will be the
      responsibility of the bidder. A choice must be made
      within a week of notification.

Thanks for your patience and let’s bid!  Who knows…this might be your opportunity to snatch the work of a future professional artist at a very reasonable price!