Remember your Box Tops!

Have You Been Saving Your Boxtops?

Clipping Box Tops are fun and a great way to raise money for Bolton Academy.  Each student will receive a Box Tops sheet by the end of next week. Be sure to check your child’s backpack so they can start pasting or taping Box Tops to their form.  Fill up the sheet, and then turn it into the front office for a token that can be used in the prize machine.  Students must turn in at least 10 Box Tops to receive a token. 

You can also attach your Box Tops to a piece of construction paper, notebook paper, copy paper, or drop them in a plastic baggie to turn them in. PLEASE DO NOT USE STAPLES when attaching Box Tops to your sheets. Be sure to discard all expired Box Tops (our school will not be paid if they are expired). All Box Tops should be clipped from the packaging before turning them in. Be sure to contact your school’s coordinator (April Miles) for questions or concerns. Happy Clipping!