College and Career Motivation Week THIS Week!

The Atlanta Public Schools College and Career Motivation Week (CCMW) is scheduled for Monday, November 16th through Friday, November 20, 2015. The purpose of CCMW is to encourage and motivate students to do well inschool and to start preparing for college and their future careers TODAY. Monday-College Day: Faculty, staff and students will wear paraphernalia representing an identified college. For the upper grades, we will have the students conduct research on a college or university of their choice and provide (5) facts. Student will also get an opportunity to decorate their own college or university flag.

Tuesday & Thursday-Career Day: Speakers from various professional occupations will talk with students about their chosen profession.

Wednesday: Dress for Success –Students will dress in careers of their choice.

Friday-Open Market – We will conduct an open market for student to sell/barter their items/products and/or services. The goal is for students to be introduced to the idea of entrepreneurship. Each class will create products or services that or barter on. Parents can come in to assist with crafting a product or service.