Important BOE Updates are Topic of Next NAPPS Community Meeting at the Newly Opened E. Rivers Elementary, Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Please join us at the next NAPPS Community Meeting at our newly opened E. Rivers Elementary campus gym on Wednesday, February 25th, at 12:00 pm. Come check out this state-of-the-art school newly built for our North Atlanta Cluster. The new building, located on the site of the original school has a student capacity of approximately 900 children - nearly double the size of the former building, originally constructed in 1952. This facility offers our students all of the latest amenities to optimize the learning environment. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and see this special building.

Our meeting will feature Courtney English, Chair of the BOE and our BOE North Atlanta Representative, Nancy Meister. They will be providing our community updates on a number of important issues currently facing APS, including but not limited to:

State of affairs between APS and City of Atlanta, InvestAtlanta regarding the Beltline TAD Board status regarding the selling of several APS properties and the deeds currently being held by the City News on the APS Cluster Planning and Charter System Application Process - several planning sessions have been held already Status of FY2016 Budget Planning Board accomplishments of past year and goals for 2015.

A few questions will be allowed from the audience, time permitting. Please bring your own lunch. Drinks will be provided by the host school.

Additional Announcement: NAPPS is looking for committed parents in our school cluster willing to serve on its Board. The mission of NAPPS is to increase community awareness and support for our North Atlanta cluster schools.

Responsibilities include:

Attending community meetings and approximately 6 board meetings/year. Serve as a representative between your child's school and NAPPS. Participate in any advocacy planning and communication to educate our cluster regarding important issues within the greater APS community. Help determine Community meeting topics and assist at your particular school location. Positions include a range of leadership opportunities, communications, social media, secretary and/or general interest in helping in any committee level role. If interested, please email For any questions, please feel free to reach out to any member of our Board either via phone, email or in person at our February meeting!


The mission of NAPPS is to increase community awareness and support for our North Atlanta cluster schools, ultimately resulting in a high student retention rate Kindergarten through 12th grade. By educating the community about existing public school opportunities and advantages, NAPPS strives to strengthen the bond between our community and our school system.