We want to hear from you - What support, information or programs would help our Bolton families? Please respond by February 28, 2015.

Dear Bolton Academy Families: Our school is in the process of building upon the family engagement program and we want to know from you what we should work on next! Our goal is to serve the needs of your students, your family and our community and work to improve things for all of us here at Bolton Academy. Do we need more workshops? More parent or student assistance? More clubs, books, before and after school access to allow all of our students to succeed? Let us know by taking the following survey. We have a wonderful opportunity to make things great - but only you can tell us where you want, need and dream of our next steps!

We are looking for parents, family members and "friends" of Bolton Academy to please complete the following survey. All of your comments and feedback only help to make our offerings stronger for you!