Did you hear? Bolton has a 5 STAR RATING for our school’s climate for safety, relationships, learning, and environment!

The Georgia Board of Education recently completed a study rating schools for “all of the other factors” that into a wonderful learning environment beyond just test scores. Per the WXIA article, “According to the Georgia Department of Education, a school's climate is ‘the quality and character of school life’ that is based on the ‘patterns of students', parents', and school personnel's experiences of school life.’”

Bolton is thrilled to share with you that we ranked a 5 based on the following factors: • Safety (physical safety, emotional safety, and rules and procedures) • Relationships (support from parents, support from faculty, and respect for diversity) • Teaching and Learning (Supportive teaching practices, social and civic education, positive and professional) • Institutional Environment (physical environment, school connectivity and engagement)

Bolton and our Hooty Owls are most certainly learning how to soar- and it is thanks to the wonderful students, teachers, administrators, families and communities that support our school! High five for our 5 Star Rating!

For more information, please feel free to check out more: http://www.11alive.com/story/news/education/2015/03/16/check-your-schools-climate-star-rating/24852937/