THANK YOU to our Bolton Family - SOFi's Night Success! (March 28, 2015)

Hello and welcome back from Spring Break!

On behalf of everyone at the Soaring Owls Foundation, we want to share with you the success of our recent signature fundraising event. Now that numbers are finalized, we wanted to thank everyone for everything that made our second SOFi’s NIGHT: Charity Auction a huge success. We set several goals for this event all of which have been accomplished:

Goal 1: Increase sponsorship participation among Bolton Academy families. Goal 2: Increase the total sponsorship money raised. Goal 3: Increase the number of people purchasing tickets. Goal 4: Increase the participation of the Bolton teachers and staff. Goal 5: Increase the participation of people without students at the school. Goal 6: Have a great party to energize our Bolton Academy community! Goal 7: Raise more money than last year. Lastly, Goal 8: Raise $60,000 AFTER expenses!

This last goal was more of a dream than a realistic goal. Going from $40,000 last year to $60,000 this year was an enormous jump for us. We took a little extra time to pay out all the bills from the event and review the numbers.

$60,000 NET raised after expenses was the last goal. WOW!!!

That’s right, our community came together and raised over $60,000 at this event! So when you see Stephanie Atkinson and Leslie Thrasher, please give them your congratulations on a job well done. I can’t say enough about the amount of work they did so it is great that we again exceeded expectations. A very sincere THANK YOU to all our volunteers for all their hard work and thanks to each of you for all you did to help reach this goal. What a great night for Bolton Academy!

On behalf of the Board of Directors for the Soaring Owls Foundation,

Eric Jones