We are so proud of our Hooty Owls - please join us for Grade Level AWARD DAYS!

To better help celebrate each student for all of their achievements this year, each grade level has their own Awards Day. Make sure to note what day/days your child is scheduled. We can't wait to post pictures of all of those shining faces, awards and accomplishments starting tomorrow!

  • Tuesday, 5/12: Awards Day for First Grade (9am); Accelerated Reader (AR) Carnival celebration (12:30 – 2:00 pm)
  • Wednesday, 5/13: Awards Day for Second Grade (9am)
  • Thursday, 5/14: Awards Day for Third Grade (9am)
  • Friday, 5/15: Awards Day for Fourth Grade (9am)
  • Wednesday, 5/20: PreK Moving Up ceremony (9am)
  • Thursday, 5/21: Kindergarten graduation ceremony (9am)
  • Friday, 5/22: LAST DAY! Fifth Grade graduation ceremony (9 am)