Parking Reminder!

We are all excited to see our children and be a part of our events and ceremonies, but please be mindful of where and how you park. Fire lanes (painted red) are NO PARKING zones so that in case of an emergency, we can take care of all of our children, faculty and staff properly. We ask that you:

  • Park on the street, on the curb and way from restricted areas.
  • PLEASE do not block our neighbors as they need to come and go.
  • PLEASE consider parking up and down Adams Drive (these streets are wider, but can only accommodate parking on one side) and within the Buckhead Gymnastics/D-Bat/Black Knight areas.
  • If you can ride share walk, please do so.

We are all excited to share in our celebrations and events, but we MUST be considerate of our neighbors and community - AND teach our children the importance of rules and safety! We don't want you to find that your have received a ticket or were towed - but our first priority is keeping our entire Bolton Academy family happy, healthy and safe.