Who is on the PTA for 2015-2016? New officers are listed below!

2015-2016 PTA Election Results

  • 2015-2016 President: Catie McDermott
    • 2015-2017 Co President Elects: Andrea Middleton and Yolanda Joachim
    • VP of Communications: Heather Shankwiler
    • VP of Fundraising: Ashely Rivera
    • VP of PTA Events: Donella Cohen
    • VP of Teacher Support: Nancy So
    • Treasurer: Mary Interiano
    • Treasurer Elect: Tracy Chisholm
    • Secretary: Beth Higdon

Thank you to everyone on this list who agreed to step up and lead our important PTA initiatives next year. Thank you to our hard working nominating committee, who spent tireless hours making calls and talking to parents in order to select a great group of candidates for the 2015-16 Bolton Academy PTA Board positions: Tracy Chisholm (Chair), Reg Redmond, Donella Cohen, Sonja Hodges, and Rebecca Moffit.

The Nominating Committee reviewed all nominations and select qualified candidates for the PTA Board. The process followed this general schedule: • Friday, April 3rd - Deadline for submitting nomination forms for board positions.

• Monday April 13th - The Nominating Committee will post a proposed Board slate on the PTA office window, indicating the nominees for each elected Board position.

• Wednesday April 29th at 6:00pm - The election of the Board will be held during the PTA meeting.