Bolton Academy parents: Connect with your District 5 and APS leaders on Thursday, September 24, 2015, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, at Bolton Academy.

With all of the changes taking place, it is VERY IMPORTANT that parents take the opportunity to connect with our District 5 and APS leaders. The purpose of the town hall is to provide the community with a briefing and update on pertinent issues related to District 5 and APS.  While the entire conversation may not be totally focused on Bolton, there will be opportunities to ask relevant questions pertaining to your specific school.  However, all schools in District 5 are invited.  The invited APS administrators will be available to bring greetings and provide updates and answer questions.  According to the Executive Director of APS, yes, there will be an opportunity to share concerns and ideas. Flyers were sent home in backpacks on Friday.

Included in this meeting are additional APS personnel, including HR, Pam Hall, Transportation Director, Chief Academic Officer, Chief Schools Officer, and the Cluster Executive Director.  These members of the team can answer any questions that are raised specifically about Bolton or any other school in District 5.

Please attend to express your perspective on how leveling has impacted you. Leveling is complete for this school year, but the board members can make policy changes within the district for next year. Even if you choose not to speak publicly, having a large representation from Bolton can make a significant impact.