The 2017 Read-a-thon Fundraiser Starts Today!


Today is the day our fall PTA fundraiser officially begins! You should have seen the sponsorship form in your child’s backpack on Friday, or click here to see how your family can participate in the 2017 Read-a-thon. Parents, we know how busy you are so please feel free to use the message below to share with your friends and family today on Facebook or email. 

Fundraiser Message:
"INSERT YOUR CHILD”S NAME is excited to read to raise money for our community school Bolton Academy. Bolton Academy is a very special place and by encouraging our kids to read we are helping them build a brighter future for themselves and the school. INSERT YOUR CHILD”S NAME will be reading for 3 weeks, and we are asking friends and family to donate either a lump sum dollar amount (ex. $25) or an amount per minute read pledge (ex. $.15) which can be capped at any dollar amount. Would you please consider making a donation today to help inspire and support them?" 

We recommend including a photo of your child and asking friends and family to post inspiring comments to let your child know they are doing great to keep them motivated!

We also encourage you to have your child or children ask for support in person or call their friends and family to connect with them one on one. We truly appreciate your help and can't wait to see the kids using their earned money to buy new books at the Book Fair later this month.