It's Your Last Chance to Give to Hooty's Nest Egg!

We are so grateful for our community's amazing response to the Hooty's Nest Egg capital campaign, which raises money for Bolton Academy through The Soaring Owls Foundation.  To date, we have raised over $33,000 but we're not done yet!  Our goal is $40,000 and with your help in this last week, we can achieve it!

Parents!!!  If your child's class reaches 100% participation by Friday, they will win a popsicle party!  And don't forget the amazing benefits you get from being a SOFi donor, in addition to the warm and fuzzies you get from knowing you've helped your beloved school.

Teachers!!!  If you donate $20 by Friday, SOFi will provide you with a $100 cash grant which you can use to buy supplies for your fantastic classroom or finish out your DonorsChoose project!

ALL!!!  You can donate online - either in a lump sum or set up a recurring payment to pay over time - or by writing a check and dropping it, along with the donor card, in the PTA lockbox in the front office.  You also have the option to simply email us and pledge your donation.  We will count your donation and participation towards Hooty's Nest Egg now, and you can pay on a date of your choosing.  Also, please check with your employer to see if it will match any donations you make.

We thank you again for your support of Bolton Academy!