Hispanic Heritage Celebration


On Friday, October 6, all our students will be participating in a Hispanic Heritage Celebration. This is an event that the children love each and every year, but we need your help to make it a success. Please plan to send the supplies listed below in with your child by Thursday, October 5.

Pre-K, K and 1: Nacho/Tortilla Chips
2/3: Plastic forks and spoons and Oreo Cookies
4/5: Paper Towels, Napkins and Hand Sanitizer

We also need 15 parent volunteers to help set up, do face painting (no experience needed!) and provide general help during the event which lasts throughout the entire school day. Please email Sr. Muga if you are able to volunteer. We certainly understand most parents cannot stay the entire time so if you are able to come just for a few hours we would love to see you there!