To Your (Hooty) Health!


Each month, we are going to feature an article to help us get (and stay) healthy.  So, let’s kick this New Year off with a bang! 

Spending time with family and friends over the holidays is so much fun and eating good food brings even more enjoyment.  But now it’s a new year and we realize we have eaten way too much food for our bellies!  So, how do we kick-start a year of good health?  It’s easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 is to drink more water because water hydrates your body, which is essential to your health.
Step 2 is to get moving!  The next time you have the choice between the stairs and elevator, take the stairs. 
Step 3 is to eat fruits instead of sweets.  Are you ready?  Here’s to great Hooty Health in 2018!