News from the Nest - February 6th

News from the Nest

Parent-teacher conferences began today and will go through next Monday.  We are excited to have this time with our parents!

Also, I wonder if anyone has noticed their children wearing stickers with words such as "knowledgeable," "caring," "principled," "risk-taker," or "inquirer"?  If your child has come home with one or more of these stickers, that means they were "caught being IB."  We are so very proud of these students, and can’t wait to catch more students being IB!
Finally, each class had a community circle to develop criteria to determine the student of the month for their class.  The students in each class selected their student of the month based on that criteria.  These students will be honored by having their names posted outside their classroom doors and on the electronic sign in front of the school.  They'll also get a certificate and a special lunch with me and Ms. Strickling.  Let’s give our January students of the month a big congratulations!!  We are very proud of you.  Keep up the hard work and dedication.

  • Kindergarten:  Adelle Long, Laila Sanders, Monserath Gomez-Hernandez and Elijah Parks
  • 1st Grade:  Brisa Geronimo Jeronimo, Asha Dean, Jazmine Pacheco-Romero, Ariela Cannades and Alana Prentiss
  • 2nd Grade:  Piper Redmond, Keyri Mendez, Cal Williamson and Ela Johnson
  • 3rd Grade:  Natilee Shay, Riley Norrholm, Thad Parks and Eric Enamorado-Maradiaga
  • 4th Grade:  Asia Jackson, Anika Kumar, Sydney Smith and Bobby Hill
  • 5th Grade:  Reagan Lerner, Sydney Dowell, Isabel Brown and Samuel Riddick-Seals

- Ms. Scharff