News From the Nest - March 12th


I hope everyone is adjusting to the time change. I know it’s hard for me, but I could not be more ready for spring.  I wanted to give a big shout out to our student of the month students for February. We are very proud of you! Thank you for all that you do to make Bolton a great place to be. 

Jacob Hayes
Skylar Bell
Scarlett Nash
Finn McDermott

First Grade
Litzy Marquez-Velazquez
Laila Taylor
Brian Biddy
Maggie White
Ashton Lancaster

Second Grade
Elaina Brown
Zaire Buchanan
Malik Joseph
Gabriela Parque-Lopez

Third Grade
Nikhil Kumar
Adler Geronimo-Jeronimo
Joseph Loeza- Valente
Johanna Fernandez-Loeza

Fourth Grade
Detrone  Royal
Samantha Bailey
Ava Agobert
Darby Carter 

Fifth Grade
Summer Clark
Jeydi Martinez
Jonathan Pineda- Cuyan
Kevin Mendez

Please also remember that because of the extended school day, we cannot check out any students after 2:30 pm.  Our front office staff is strictly enforcing this rule.  So, if you need to pick up your child early for an appointment, you must do so before 2:30 pm or you will have to wait until your child is dismissed at 3 pm.  Thank you!

Ms. Scharff  (on Twitter @BoltonApScharff)