A Message From Our GO Team

Hello Bolton community, 
By now you have heard that our school community is on the hunt for a new principal to lead our school.  The process is already underway, so this message is to give you an overview of the process, what has happened to date, and what will take place in coming weeks.  The school community is an active part of this process, as is the elected governance body of our school, the Bolton GO Team. For this reason it is important for you to know how this process will play out.
Tier 1 - Community Meeting (June 6):  The school community (parents, teachers, staff, and community members) participate in a session with Atlanta Public Schools (APS) Human Resources and our Associate Superintendent. This took place on Wednesday June 6, in the Bolton gymnasium.  Dr. Luck, from HR, and Dr. Tommy Usher, our Associate Superintendent, lead the meeting.  Thank you to the approximately 75 parents, staff and teachers who attended and provided input in 5 categories in order to develop the Leadership Profile required of our next Principal.  Anyone who was not able to attend in person can participate via the survey link provided here.  APS will take all input from the June 6 Meeting and the online survey and produce a leadership profile that will be used by the GO Team and Dr. Carstarphen in identifying and interviewing Candidates.  Please complete the survey ASAP.  It is not definite when the survey will close, but Tier 2 of the process begins this upcoming Monday.
Tier 2 – Selection of Interview Pool (June 11):  Bolton Academy's GO Team Chairperson, parent John Ramseur, will meet with Dr. Luck and Dr. Usher on Monday, the 11th of June to review candidates in the APS principal candidate pool.  This is an already-vetted and highly qualified pool of candidates.  There are approximately 15 candidates in this pool, some from within APS and some from other school districts.  Mr. Ramseur will work with Dr. Luck and Dr. Usher to use the Leadership Profile that you help develop, to narrow down this pool to 6 Candidates that are the best fit for Bolton Academy. 
Tier 3 – In-Person Interviews (Tuesday, June 19):  All GO Team members will spend the day with Dr. Luck and Dr. Usher interviewing the 6 candidates that Mr. Ramseur identified.  On this day, the GO Team will use the Leadership Profile to determine the best fit for Bolton, and narrow the pool of 6 candidates down to 3.  These three candidates will advance to interview with Dr. Carstarphen.  The GO Team will send these 3 candidates to Dr. Carstarphen with a list of the strengths the GO Team identified in each candidate, along with additional questions that we want to make sure Dr. Carstarphen resolves with each in her interview.

Tier 4 – Superintendent Interviews (June 21 or 22): Dr. Carstarphen will Interview the 3 candidates, using the GO Team’s notes and the school's Leadership Profile. Following these interviews, she will choose one candidate to recommend to the Board of Education for final approval.
We should have confirmation of our next principal by the end of June.
Bolton Academy GO Team