News from the Nest: SEL


Did you know that your children have been learning about how to fill up buckets this month?  During their SEL (Social Emotional Learning) morning session, they have been focusing on their relationship skills and talking about the ability to resist negative social pressures, resolving interpersonal conflict, and seeking help when needed.  

They have been discussing the book "How Full is My Bucket" by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer.  It talks about how each of us has an invisible bucket.  When our bucket is full, we feel great.  When it's empty, we feel awful.  Yet most children (and many adults) don't realize the importance of having a full bucket throughout the day.  The students are following along with Felix as he learns how easy it can be to fill the buckets of others, and in the process, fill his own.  

Here are some of our Kindergarten students learning how to be bucket fillers:


Also, we are also very excited to announce that the students picked Playground Design C. Click here for a reminder of the design plan.  We cannot wait to see the kids playing on it soon!

 Have a great week!

~ Mrs. Lawrence  (on Twitter @BoltonPrincipal)