PSC Automatic Billing Registration

Signing up for automatic billing will allow PSC to charge you once a month automatically for aftercare.  Due to the way the calendar falls and because of school holidays/vacations the amount billed will fluctuate from month to month. The maximum amount charged will be set at 5 weeks to cover all scenarios in PayPal automatic billing.  Your account will be charged based on the billing schedule listed below which will take into account school holidays/vacations. 

2017-18 Billing Schedule

  • August 1st, 5 weeks
  • September 1st, 4 weeks
  • October 2nd, 5 weeks
  • November 2nd, 3 weeks
  • December 2nd, 3 weeks
  • January 2nd, 4 weeks
  • February 2nd, 3 weeks
  • March 2nd, 4 weeks
  • April 2nd, 4 weeks
  • May 2nd, 3 weeks

STEP 1 - Registration Form

Please fill out the form below to start the registration for automatic monthly billing. 

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