At Bolton Academy, we take pride in our tradition as a uniform school. The student uniform consists of a white, navy blue or hunter green top (collared shirts for boys) and khaki bottoms. There are a number of retailers (both online and in-store) that carry uniforms that adhere to the Bolton Academy standard. Although school uniforms are widely available throughout the school year, availability and pricing are generally more competitive in the summer months leading up to the fall semester. Here are some stores that typically have uniforms available throughout the year. Remember to purchase for warm and cold weather options (long- and short-sleeves, shorts and long pants, sweaters and coats). Pictures have also been included for illustration below.

Show your School Spirit by attaching Bolton Academy patches to your child's uniform. Join us at the Celebration of Learning open house on Friday, July 28th, 2017, to purchase these iron-on patches embroidered with the Bolton Academy logo to affix to uniform shirts. The patches are $3.00 each and can be purchased in the PTA office, or online at our Spirit Store.