Visiting Bolton Academy

To ensure the safety of all students and staff, all outside doors to Bolton Academy are locked at all times. All visitors must enter through the front door of the school by ringing the bell and identifying themselves via the identification camera.  School personnel will allow visitors to enter the building. Upon entering, proceed to the reception desk in the front office, register your attendance, and obtain a visitor’s nametag.  Visitor’s nametags are required at all times while in the building. 

Please be patient as we balance security needs and hospitality! Please remember that our procedures are meant to ensure the safety of our children, faculty, staff, and visitors.

School Tours

We extend a warm welcome to all of you who are part of, or about to become part of, the Bolton Academy family. We take pride in our team of wonderful, enthusiastic teachers and staff, who under our leadership, help to create a nurturing environment where learning, extracurricular interests, friendships and a rich diversity thrive.

Tired of just reading about us? Come and see for yourself what Bolton Academy is all about. We welcome you to visit our school, ask questions, and share your thoughts with us. You may register for one or our scheduled tours or call to schedule a guided visit at any time during school hours. While visiting, you will view our indoor and outdoor classroom areas, meet with our wonderful faculty and staff, speak with current parents, learn about school policies, review our curriculum and get answers to questions about the school.

Please reach out to Parent Liaison Melanie Haley,, to confirm school tour times.